Acearea Transforming Block Toy

Mars Pack (120 Pieces)

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Why Buy This Toy?

  • UNIQUE - BUILD AND TRANSFORM! This is the ONLY toy in the world that allows kids and adults to build and transform one block model to different types of models without the need to disassemble and reassemble. It is exciting to see what you and your kids' inner creative self can do!
  • FUN and CONVENIENT! Perfect for unleashing limitless imagination and creativity! Spend quality and fun time with friends, family or loved ones. Go play with them with these colorful blocks, anytime and anywhere! 
  • BEST VALUE FOR MONEY! Create up to more than 200 different designs and models - from spaceships, cars, robots, animals, plants, houses to dinosaurs.  No need to worry about missing pieces. Even if you lose a few building blocks, you can still fully utilize the remaining pieces. Unlike many block toys, if you miss one piece, you can still build a toy model. Every piece is key to going beyond imagination!
  • STIMULATES LEARNING! Great for stimulating senses and hand-eye coordination. Suitable for ages 2 and 99. Simple models for 2 years old, complex transformable models give young adults and adults at heart the Rubik Cube-level mental challenges. 
  • HELPS WITH MENTAL HEALTH and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Helps with overcoming stress and anxiety by stimulating brain waves while kids and adults play. Helps in improving concentration, patience, attention, sense of creativity and responsibility, camaraderie, dexterity, problem-solving and people-skills
  • SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN! Made of non-toxic plastic materials. All big pieces! No more annoying tiny pieces!

      More Details

      Total of 120 Blocks:
      20 Red blocks
      20 Green blocks
      20 Blue blocks
      20 Yellow blocks
      20 White blocks
      20 Brown blocks

      Note: Colors of the Pictures might not be the same as the content in the box. Depending on the number of pieces and colors you have, the models you can build might be limited.